Thursday, 25 February 2010

Teaser Image

To illustrate the new information sheet for investors that I mentioned in the last post, Tom and I knocked up the following image, so I thought I'd share it with you. Don't forget that anyone interested in investing in the film can email us at investment*at* and request a copy.
- Alex

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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Broadcast Video Expo

Earlier this week the Broadcast Video Expo took place in Earl's Court, London. I know first hand from past experience that it can be a great place to meet people and talk to them about upcoming projects, so in the run up to our visit Tom and I worked on a new draft of our one-page pitch sheet to take along. Armed with the pitch and the intention of talking to various people (and especially kit-hire companies), we spent a day walking around the expo and meeting people. Although we're quite some way off from rolling into production, we have now raised awareness of the project and made some personal connections for when the time comes.

Tom and I have also been working on a new information sheet for investors, which will hopefully be going off to people from next week, and, of course, I have also been continuing to work away at the new draft whenever time has permitted. I'm hoping to finally have a good stretch of time to work on it during the coming week, so hopefully I can thrash it out.

More soon.
- Alex

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Friday, 5 February 2010


Hello, I am writing to tell you about the latest draft of Life Just Is. After the illuminating read through with actors at the ICA Alex was put in the challenging position of writing with the audience in mind, and he has thrown himself into the fray with considerable success. The development of a script often requires endless tweaking. No doubt once we have cast a selection of up-and-coming stars of tomorrow in the various roles, and rehearsals have begun in earnest, there will be more changes relating to character and dialogue. At present the structure is there and the premise is straightforward, but now comes the most important task of bringing the characters and their interaction a greater feeling of the conflict of life. With the freedom and fun of being young while at the same time faced with the prospect of an unknown future and all the complications the real world brings. Early 20s is an intriguing and unsettling time of life, and Alex is striving to explore how friendship will see you through the confusion. There is still work to be done, but I feel the new draft is a benchmark for the development of the story of Life Just Is. The script will only improve. Being bold and venturing beyond the comfort zone to tell a story an audience will truly relate to has to be the final objective.
- Tom

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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Life's Just Networking Photographs, February 2010

Wow. What a night! Big thanks to all those who came down last night and made it our busiest event yet! We'll be back on March 9th with another great selection of films, but until then here are some snaps...

Waiting for the films to start.

Life Just Is writer/director and LJN host Alex Barrett giving his intro.

Alex Sufit, writer/director of The Morning After, talking about her film.

Producer/Director Thomas Stark Holland talking about his film Lucky Old Bag.

The crowd watching the QAs.

The crowd watching the QAs.

Marcel Garbi answering questions about his film The Spooky Healing.

Networking during the break.

Alex Sufit talking about her new projects.

Thomas Stark Holland talking about his upcoming films.

The team behind the film Foxes in the Underground (Producer Joanne Michael and Director Daniel Nickson) present their new projects.


Exchanging cards!


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