Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Life's Just Networking Photographs, May 2011

Some photographs from our final Life's Just Networking event last night. I'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who's ever come along to one of our evenings, and to all the filmmakers who have shared their work. I'd like to think this isn't the end, but the start of a new era... the first leg of our Life's Just Events journey may be over, but who knows what the future will hold! Thanks again to all those who have travel along with us!

'Life Just Is' Associate Producer Augusto da Rocha before the event.

'Life Just Is' Associate Producer Roland Holmes before the event.

Filling up.

'Life Just Is' writer/director Alex Barrett (left) talks about his short film 'Canbury', along with soundman Jason Creasey (centre) and actor James Wallace (right).

Watching the QAs.

Director Thao Dang (centre) and actor Tom Ruddock (right) talk about their film 'Scot Tells Amanda He Wants to be More Man'.

Watching the QAs.

Murat Kebir, Writer/Director/Editor of 'My Dad and Spike' and Editor of 'Life Just Is', gets animated talking about his short film.

Watching the QAs.

Director John Michell talks about his film 'Barry'.

Watching the QAs.

Producer Jay Taylor (left) and Director Lawrence Page (centre) talk about their film 'Love Hound'.

Fiona Ryan, star of 'Life Just Is', talks about her role in 'Love Hound' and acting with her canine co-star.

Watching the QAs.

Murat Kebir (left) talks about his new project.

John Michell presents his new project.

Thao Dang talks about getting ahead and building a presence through Social Media.


LJN host and organiser Alex Barrett (right) with LJN regular Ralph Stenzel.

'Life Just Is' casting assistant Barnes Cook with LJI flyer.


Some of the cast and crew of 'Life Just Is'. Left to right: Alice Caronna (1st AD), Jason Creasey (Sound), Fiona Ryan ('Claire'), Alex Barrett (Writer/Director), Niina Topp (Production Design), Tom Ruddock (DIT) and Roland Holmes (Associate Producer).