Monday, 28 February 2011

Poster Competition: And The Winner Is...

Well, it turns out I wasn't exaggerating last week when I said that Christine, Tom and myself would have a hard time choosing a winner. All of the shortlisted designs had their own merits, and deciding which one deserved to clinch the top spot wasn't easy. However, after much discussion we reached the unanimous decision to select Soledad del Real as the winner. We were particularly impressed by the way her design managed to set up the film's three main story strands and all six of its main characters in such a simple and economic fashion. I am extremely pleased with the final outcome of our competition, and would like to extend my thanks one final time to all who participated, either as an applicant, a voter or a panel member. The eBook containing all of the designs will be available for download in due course.
- Alex

Soledad del Real's Winning Design

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Poster Competition: The Shortlist!

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am now able to unveil the shortlist for our poster design competition!

As you will see below, the extremely high quality of the entries meant that our panel of industry experts had a very hard time choosing three designs to shortlist and, as a result, we decided to expand their shortlist to six designs! Participation in the public vote has also been inspiring, with people voting in their thousands. The top three voted designs are included in the shortlist below.

I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great shortlist, and I know that Christine, Tom and I now have a hard week ahead of us deciding on the final winner.

Thanks again to all who entered and to all who voted. It's been a very exciting few weeks and I look forward to announcing the winner next Monday.
- Alex

The Shortlist
Design by Suzanna Kagi
Design by Gerry Byrne
Design by James Gan
Design by Nassim Bahloul
Design by Sofia Gonzalez
Design by Soledad del Real
Design by Andrew Santoro
Design by Andrew Santoro
Design by Roberto Pujol

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Life's Just Networking Photographs, February 2011

The second event in our second run of Life's Just Networking was another great success, so many thanks indeed to all those who came along and made it that way! We'll be back at The Duchess on March 8th for more. Hope to see you then!
- Alex

Life Just Is Production Assistant and LJN Doorman Roland Holmes checking people off the RSVP list as they arrive.

Filling up.

Actor and writer Benjamin Green (right) talking about his short film Keeper.

Director and Animator Rafi Nizam (right) talks about his music visual Follow the Legs.

Actor Andrew Hawley (left) talks about his film Besties.

Writer/director Steven Dorrington talks about his mockumentary Toothless.

Life Just Is writer/director and LJN host Alex Barrett takes a seat to watch the presentations.

Benjamin Green talks about the feature version of his short film Keeper.

Steven Dorrington presents his new project.

Filmmaker Tim Berry presents his new project.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Poster Competition: The Entries!

Yesterday marked the deadline for our poster competition, and you can now find the complete set of entries below! The public vote to shortlist three entries is running from 7th - 21st February over on our Facebook page, so please do stop by and cast your vote. Alongside the public vote, our panel of industry experts will also shortlist three entries. The shortlist will be announced on February 22nd, and the winner - as decided by Tom, Christine and myself - on February 28th.

I'd like to publicly thank all of the entrants for taking the time to submit their designs. I am amazed by the quality of the submissions and I look forward to choosing a winning design from the shortlisted entries.