Monday, 17 January 2011

Shorty Awards

Earlier today we were nominated for a Shorty Award! We would therefore be very grateful if those of you with Twitter accounts could take the time to vote for us - all you have to do is write a Tweet with the words 'I nominate @lifejustisfilm for a Shorty Award in #entertainment because...', followed by your reason for nominating us. For more info on how to vote, and the awards themselves, please click on the badge below. Thanks!
- Alex.

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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Poster Design Competition: The Panel!

With just three weeks to go until the deadline for our poster design competition, we are very pleased to announce the panel of industry experts who will be helping us with the shortlisting process. They are:

Robyn Larkin, What is Bobo
Robyn Larkin is the head of What is Bobo, a creative agency specialising in design campaigns for film and DVD including Winters Bone, Antichrist, The Disappearance of Alice Creed, Me and Orson Welles, and Fish Tank.

Stacey Parks, Film Specific
Stacey Parks is the author of The Insider's Guide To Independent Film Distribution and the founder of Film Specific, which educates filmmakers about the complex world of independent film distribution and gives them the tools and resources they need to compete effectively in the marketplace.

Stuart Coles, Walt Disney Studios UK
Stuart Coles is Digital Publicity Manager at Walt Disney Studios UK, overseeing online publicity for theatrical releases from Disney Animation and Live Action, Disney-Pixar, Touchstone and select DreamWorks titles.

Justine Priestly, Really Bright Media
Justine Priestley is the Media Director of Really Bright Media, an agency for social media solutions; strategy, training and film. She is also the brains behind the Social Media Marketing of Life Just Is.

So far the response to the competition has been excellent. If you'd like to take part but haven't yet registered, there's still plenty of time, so please download
the entry form and return it to us.

The entries will be appearing on this blog, our
website, and our Facebook page after the deadline, so if you don't feel entering is for you, please still take part by stopping by to check out all the designs and vote for your favourites!
- Alex

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Return of Life's Just Networking

A big thanks to all those who came along to the first event of the second run of Life's Just Networking and helped make it such a success. I hope you all enjoyed the evening. We'll be back on February 8th for more, but in the meantime here are some photos from last night!

The Duchess.

Filling up.

Life Just Is Production Assistant Roland Holmes.

Director Dictynna Hood (right) talks about her film 'The Other Man'.

LJN host Alex Barrett with writer Virginia Hayden and star Otto Baxter talking about their film 'Happiest Day'.

The cast of 'Happiest Day' during their QA. Left-right: Otto Baxter, Shane Chester, Ben Forster.

Animator Heidi Stokes (right) talks about her film 'Brick It Up'.

Alex talking to filmmaker Faye Thomas and actor Jack Gordon about their film 'In the Dark'.

Christopher Thomas Allen (left) talks about the making of his film 'Schlimazeltov!'

Life Just Is Associate Producer Augusto da Rocha.

Life Just Is actors Will De Meo ('David', left) and Jack Gordon ('Pete', right) with writer/director Alex Barrett.

Life Just Is soundman Jason Creasey (left) with cast member Lachlan McCall ('Lawrence').

Life Just Is 1st AD Alice Caronna with actor Will De Meo.

Life Just Is cast members Nathaniel Martello-White ('Tom', middle) and Jack Gordon ('Pete', right) with attending filmmaker Christopher Thomas Allen.