Friday, 19 November 2010

Taking the Plunge

A piece by Alex about the experience of directing his first feature has been published on Directors Notes. Check it out here:

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Director's Portraits

While on set writer/director Alex Barrett took some 35mm portraits of the cast and crew. Here are some of those images. To see the full set please visit:

Jack Gordon - 'Pete'.

Fiona Ryan - 'Claire'.

Nathaniel Martello-White - 'Tom'.

Will De Meo - 'David'.

Paul Nicholls - 'Bobby'.

Jayne Wisener - 'Jay'.

Niall Phillips - 'Ollie'.

Rachel Bright - 'Anna'

Andrew Hawley - 'Nick'.

Alix Wilton Regan - 'Zoe'.

Jason Croot - 'Walahfrid'.

Gillian Wisener - 'Beth'

Christine Hartland, Executive Producer

Alice Caronna, 1st AD

Niina Topp, Production Designer

Yosuke Kato, cinematographer, Alice Caronna, 1st AD and Tom Stuart, producer.

Alex Barrett, writer/director, as photographed by Jayne Wisener.

Tom Stuart, producer.

Friday, 5 November 2010

The Wit and Wisdom of Charmaine Parram

One source of constant amusement on set were the statements that our costume designer Charmaine came out with. Here are some of her classics, reproduced for your reading pleasure...

"I think I have... but I don't think I have used this yet"

"Oh my God. I'm so cold, even my boobs are cold!"

"I got loads of overtime pay but kept eating pies. So basically, it was like getting paid in pies."

"Ding,ding, ding! Hello everyone. My name is Charmaine and I am very clever."

"I feel like I have never eaten before. Can someone teach me how to chew?"

(Crawling into the room...) "Oh! I am DONE with walking!"

"I hate this part, but I love this part where you have to eat all the food"

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Jayne's Vlogs

For those of you who haven't been following Jayne's Vlogs during our shoot, here's a full roundup:

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

And we're wrapped!

Yesterday we wrapped, finishing the shoot with a day of scenes in which Pete (Jack Gordon) is alone in his bedroom. It was a great way to end. Jack gave us some heart-wrenching moments, and the crew was all on top form. I think the shoot has been something of an emotional rollercoaster for all involved, but we got through it and we came in on time and on budget. It's going to be strange not being on set anymore, and I'll miss my cast and crew, but now is also an exciting time. After a couple of weeks off to get some distance from the shoot, I'll start looking through the footage and then work closely with Murat to get the best out of the footage we've got.

But before I get carried away talking about our postproduction plans, I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the cast and crew for their hard work. It's been an amazing experience and certainly one I'll never forget.
- Alex