Thursday, 4 February 2010

Life's Just Networking Photographs, February 2010

Wow. What a night! Big thanks to all those who came down last night and made it our busiest event yet! We'll be back on March 9th with another great selection of films, but until then here are some snaps...

Waiting for the films to start.

Life Just Is writer/director and LJN host Alex Barrett giving his intro.

Alex Sufit, writer/director of The Morning After, talking about her film.

Producer/Director Thomas Stark Holland talking about his film Lucky Old Bag.

The crowd watching the QAs.

The crowd watching the QAs.

Marcel Garbi answering questions about his film The Spooky Healing.

Networking during the break.

Alex Sufit talking about her new projects.

Thomas Stark Holland talking about his upcoming films.

The team behind the film Foxes in the Underground (Producer Joanne Michael and Director Daniel Nickson) present their new projects.


Exchanging cards!


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