Saturday, 20 February 2010

Broadcast Video Expo

Earlier this week the Broadcast Video Expo took place in Earl's Court, London. I know first hand from past experience that it can be a great place to meet people and talk to them about upcoming projects, so in the run up to our visit Tom and I worked on a new draft of our one-page pitch sheet to take along. Armed with the pitch and the intention of talking to various people (and especially kit-hire companies), we spent a day walking around the expo and meeting people. Although we're quite some way off from rolling into production, we have now raised awareness of the project and made some personal connections for when the time comes.

Tom and I have also been working on a new information sheet for investors, which will hopefully be going off to people from next week, and, of course, I have also been continuing to work away at the new draft whenever time has permitted. I'm hoping to finally have a good stretch of time to work on it during the coming week, so hopefully I can thrash it out.

More soon.
- Alex

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