Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tech Recce

Yesterday Tom, Alice, Emily, Yosuke, Niina, Jason and I spent the day on a tech recce, visiting all of our locations to discuss the logistics of the shoot and the production design, and to try and finalise our shot list. Since my post on storyboarding, Yosuke and I have been through all of my sketches, talking through them shot-by-shot, on location, with a viewfinder in hand. Off the back of our discussions I've made a written shot list, added illustrations to it, and tramlined a script so that we know which part of which scene each shot is going to cover (this is also very useful for giving Murat a good idea of what footage he'll be getting in the edit room, allowing him to suggest further changes before it's too late). Yesterday's recce also gave us a chance to talk through the shot list from a sound point-of-view, a production design point-of-view, and a schedule point-of-view. I'm sure things will change once we're on set (inspiration will hit, the actors will want to reblock, the light won't be right, etc, etc), but at least now we'll be prepared and have a lot of notes to fall back on.

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