Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Every film has its 'thing'

As anyone who has ever tried to make a film will tell you, filmmaking isn't easy. On top of all the creative and technical difficulties, there are also issues of logistics: filmmaking is a group activity and trying to line up everyone's schedules can turn into a nightmare, especially on a microbudget production such as ours. It is therefore with sadness that I have to announce that Jamie Di Spirito and Hannah Tointon have had to leave our team, despite their enthusiasm for the project. Jamie has contractual obligations to fulfil, while Hannah has personal commitments which render her unavailable for our shoot.

Needless to say, we were disappointed to have Jamie and Hannah leave the project, but on a brighter note I am extremely excited about the new additions to our cast: Jack Gordon and Fiona Ryan.

Jack Gordon
Fiona Ryan

The casting for Life Just Is has not been easy. From overwhelming choice to scheduling conflicts, every step of the way has been fraught with tough decisions. But in the end it has all been worth it, and I know that we have a fantastic line up of extremely talented and passionate actors on board. As a debut feature director, it's everything I could hope for and everything I've always dreamed of.

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