Thursday, 21 April 2011

Life's Just Networking Photographs, April 2011

Photography by Daniel D. Moses.

Battersea Power Station as seen from The Duchess.

People arriving.


The cast of 'Bubble Burst'.



Filmmaker Sankar Jayaraman doing some networking before the screening of his film 'Bubble Burst'.

LJN host Alex Barrett doing his intro.

'Bubble Burst' actress Carmen Gabriele.

Director Sankar Jayaraman is joined by his cast for the 'Bubble Burst' QA.

Simon Rickards and Augusto da Rocha talk about their film 'Retreat'.

Filmmaker Xavier Rodriguez talks about his film 'Prey'.

'Life Just Is' Executive Producer Christine Hartland relaxes on the sofa.


Director Ben Hyland doing some networking after screening the trailer for his feature film 'Frontman'.

Sankar Jayaraman presenting his new project.

James Rumsey returns to the LJN stage to talk about an upcoming project.

Simon Rickards presents his new film.

LJI Associate Producer Roland Holmes watches Howard Cohen's presentation on comedy, 'What is Funny?'.

Howard Cohen talks about Community United National Television during his presentation on comedy, 'What is Funny?'.

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