Saturday, 18 September 2010

Camera Testing

Yesterday Yosuke, Murat and I went to visit Concept Cameras to do some camera tests. There's a certain look that we want for the film so we thought we'd try out several cameras and a range of lenses to see how we can best achieve it. There are still a few points we have to think through, but the tests were hugely helpful and we now have a definite idea of what our options are (and the pros and cons they bring with them). So many thanks to Agis for letting us come and have a play!

Testing the Canon EOS 7D

Testing the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Testing the RED One

After we left Concept we had a long talk about lighting. Lights are expensive and our budget is small, but the ideas are coming together and we're already planning ways to work around our financial limitations. Once the script is rewritten I'll start working properly on the storyboards so can solidify our lighting plans.
- Alex

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