Thursday, 11 March 2010

Life's Just Networking Photographs and a Special Announcement!

Following below you will find a brief selection of photographs of the filmmakers talking at our event earlier this week (big thanks to all those who came!), but first, we are very pleased to make a special announcement!

From now on, all those who attend our events can enjoy a 20% discount on their first rental from equipment hire facility DECODE!

We're very excited about being able to offer this opportunity and would like to extend our thanks to the team at Decode for making this possible. Their kind sponsorship of our events means that as well as connecting you with collaborators we are able to offer a further hand in helping you get your projects off the ground!

To find out more about this offer please email us or speak to us at one of our events. The next one will run on Tuesday 13th April.

James Rumsey talks about his film 'Milk Man'

Duncan Robertson talks about appearing in 'A Beard Film'

Phoebe Boswell talks about her animated film 'The Girl With Stories In Her Hair'

Richard Edwards talks about his film 'A Year of Your Love'

Michael O'Kelly telling the crowd 'How It's Done'.

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  1. That's some nice hand movements from me there!

    Was a good night. Great to see shorts like 'How It's Done' and 'The Girl With Stories in Her Hair' again. It was like a mini Filmstock reunion!

    As a point of contact, do you know what's going on re the life of these films at the moment? More and more fests, shurely?

    Am looking forward to the next networking night too! :)

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the evening!

    To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what's going on with the films. I know that 'Milk Man' is doing very well at festivals and picking up awards, but I haven't heard about the others. Perhaps at some point I'll contact all the filmmakers who have screened at our events and do a blog post to bring us all up to date.

    All the best,