Saturday, 5 December 2009

Life's Just Networking Photographs, December 2009

Last Wednesday was the December edition of our Life's Just Networking event, and what is there to say except 'What a night'?! Great films, interesting QAs, a friendly atmosphere and of course amazing people. The feedback we're getting on the event continues to be extremely positive, and I'd like to give a big personal thanks to all those who come along and to those who take the time to tell me their thoughts. I look forward to seeing many of you again - hopefully along with some new faces! - at our next event, which will be on Wednesday 6th January. We have another strong line up of films for you, including two award winners. Details will be uploaded to in the coming weeks.

Tom and I having a production meeting before the event.

Jason and I setting up.

Filling up.

Filling up.

Actor Morrison Thomas (centre) and director Simon Bennett-Leyh (right) discussing their film Who Cares.

Director Will Kenning (right) discussing his film Masters of the Universe.

Returning director Nick Reed (right) discussing his film Whoops.

Director Daniel Gill (centre) and writer Philip Gawthorne (right) discussing their film Modern Life Is Rubbish.

Who Cares actor Morrison Thomas (left) watching the QAs.

Masters of the Universe director Will Kenning presenting his next project.

Watching the presentations.

Tom talking to Modern Life Is Rubbish director Daniel Gill (left) at the end of the evening.

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