Sunday, 2 August 2009

Life’s Just Networking

Following on from my last post, we’re pleased to announce that the inaugural Life’s Just Networking event will be taking place on Thursday 3rd September at The Duchess in Battersea. Designed to get filmmakers connected and collaborating, Life’s Just Networking is obviously one of the two events that I mentioned last time around. We’re still hoping to get the other event off the ground, but we’ve decided to concentrate on Life’s Just Networking for now, so if it happens it will happen later in the year. If things go to plan, we’re hoping to eventually put on a whole range of events under the Life’s Just Events brand, but we’re taking it one event at a time and it may be a while before any of the others materialise (we are trying to make a film here, after all). We’re excited about what we’ve put together for Life’s Just Networking, so I hope to see at least some of you there. You can find out more information about it on our website, here: I look forward to meeting you in September.
- Alex

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